Demos: Storyful, NewsWhip, Chartbeat

  • Friday, May 19 – 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM
  • Zig and Zag

Find Signals in the Noise: Storyful will pull the curtain back for attendees and show how they source and verify content for their Newswire. (Mandy Jenkins, Head of News, and Justin Manton, Sales Director)

NewsWhip: Greg Keane, EMEA Accounts Executive

Move beyond data to data discovery with Chartbeat: Growing a loyal, engaged audience can seem like a time-consuming task. But with the right metrics, actionable insights and a focus on quality, you can move the needle with a few quick steps. Find the best opportunities to show your audience the engaging content that will bring them back to your site — all in 10 minutes.